Lambretta Cometa 75 SL


Lambretta Cometa 75 SL

Quite a rare model , came at the end of production from the Innocenti factory.

This particular scooter came from the Mike Karslake collection in Wellington, Devon. A true collectors piece, launched in 1968 to target young, fashionable people, as the design coincided with the space race towards the end of the 1960's. It was such an advanced design in comparison to any other scooter of it's time, but unfortunately production ended in 1970, due to the ever progressing small car market. However, this makes this one of the rarest and quirkiest Lambrettas out there. This particular Lambretta is even rarer being the Australian market Cometa with Indicators.

The Cometa suits modern riders very well, it is capable of 51mph due to it's Dell'Orto SH1/20 carb, and gets there quickly with a four speed gearbox. The Italian Press at the time of manufacture praised the Cometa for being the first scooter or motorcycle with two stroke oil injection, making it more convenient than the traditional pre mix. However, strangely consumers preferred the pre mix Vega 75 and the Cometa's production ended early due to that.

The paintwork is not original but is in very good condition , all parts are original .


Lambretta Cometa 75cc autolube

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