Lambretta TV series 1


Lambretta TV 175 series 1 1958 fully restored to original colour and spec.

This is one of thee rarest of all lambrettas 18,858 units made between Sept 1957 until Oct 1959.

It was the proto-type transformation model from the LD's to the new shaped Series model

Innocenti 's responce to the Piaggio vespa GS 150 model , the TV 175 was the top of the range scooter .

The  ivory was the one and only colour they came in , many features on the TV 1 are unique to this model only , namley the engine with it coiled spring kickstart and 27 mm delorto carb , the forks with the added damper , chrome and painted wheel rims plus many more little detail.

The scooter is fully restored and in full working order .




TV 175 series 1 1958

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